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Ryan Crisp

photographer, writer, skier, husband, dog lover

Ryan's passion for photography was born in the mountains, the result of an obsession with skiing. Whilst always keen to take snaps of the majestic surroundings associated with his winter pastime, it was with the eventual purchase of an SLR that prompted Ryan to begin taking his photography seriously. Continuing to be inspired by the mountains, basing himself in Whistler, Canada, for most of the last decade, Ryan has also become enthralled by the amazing surroundings of home in Northumberland, UK.

It would be easy to waffle on here, but the best way to get to know Ryan is to simply get in touch. Give him a call, follow him on social media or drop him a mail. It would be his pleasure to join you in the mountains with his trusty camera and well-ridden skis.

Away from photography, Ryan is an increasingly keen writer, a qualified ski instructor, and a 'rep' for the Ski Club of Great Britain.

To see more of Ryan's earlier work, head over to his Flickr or Red Bubble profile.

All rights reserved © All photos are copyrighted by Ryan Davison Crisp in association with RD Crisp Photography. They cannot be reproduced without his expressed written authorisation.

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